How Deep is your love?

Diving is a state of mind. But achieving perfect equilibrium of the body and mind in the underwater kingdom requires training. One learns how to breath, how to adjust weight, how to maintain proper buoyancy, how to rest, how to communicate, how to deal with any problems that can occur underwater.

When one first starts discovering the beauty and the peace of swimming with one million blue fishes or just the privilege of watching live, the graceful fun habits of the clownfish in their anemone home, one becomes free.

While resting near one anemone in my 40th dive I was thinking how come we enjoy diving so much, why do I feel at home in the water and then it hit me. Diving is like reverse birth. For babies to develop they need the special liquid created in their mother womb. So, for them to grow a brain, eyes, hands, heart or any other body part before being put into this dry world they need to be in water - the perfect environment for human creation. The same, I felt, when you go back after tens of years in your initial nature, you are like a new born again.

It's the same way you feel when you return after decades to your original nature, you are like a new born again.

Diving comes with countless benefits: it increases emotional well being, improves blood circulation, strength and flexibility of your muscles, decreases blood pressure, increases your concentration, confidence and self esteem, Also, it places you in a deep connection with nature, relieves stress and helps build long lasting friendships,

It is almost a mystical experience that makes you realise that you are not just a drop of water in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop.

Photo credit: Khattab Faramawi – Padi Master Instructor

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